Vortex Products

Vortex’s AVC is productized into the following products families:

  • Dry-Vortex is used for the removal of fine solid particles from gas/air.
  • Wet-Vortex is a system used for the removal of both pollutant
    gases and solid sub-micron particles.
  • Hydro-Vortex is used for cleaning fine particles from liquid.
  • SOx-Vortex – Exhaust Gas Cleaning System to reduces SOx
    Vorsep is used to concentrate sludge by separating the liquid out. 


Products benefits:

  • Can effectively deal with both gas and particles pollutant
  • Smaller in size. Scalable.
  • No moving parts; Low maintenance costs.
  • Low cost solution comparing to alternatives.
  • Fast Return On Investment.
45000m³/hour Wet-Vortex


Vortex Chambers are available with dry or wet cleaning, for gas flow rate ranging from
100m³/hour to 100.000 m³/hour and operational temperature of 350°C (400°C spikes). The
AVC products are fully scalable for higher capacities allowing straightforward cascading of
few systems into chambers batteries.

For more information, please contact us at   info@vortex-envirotech.com