Vortex Solutions

Cleaning industrial emission from pollutant particles:
Vortex’s core technology manipulates the physical forces created by a vortex motion of either gas or liquid inside a patented chamber, to separate fine particles from a gas (or liquid) flow. When a stream of gas enters the spiral chamber, it is accelerated and twirled into very high velocity vortex that is being manipulated by different sets of vertical blades and air funnels, and without moving parts.
The physical force-pattern separates fine particles from the gas or liquid by pushing the particles to the center of the system with no wear or clogging risks. This results in efficient separation performances and lower operational and maintenance costs.

Cleaning industrial emission from pollutant gases:
Vortex’s technology enables to effectively capture both particle and gas pollutants within the same system. The dramatic improvement in the cleaning efficiency is achieved in the following way:
A layer of absorption liquid, a chemical liquid used to neutralize pollutant gas, is entered into the system and accelerated around the inner surface of the chamber to create a layer of scrubbing liquid that provides a high interfacial area of ”liquidgas” around the chamber’s wall. When the particles and gases flow through the chamber, the gas stream passes through the “liquidgas” layer which absorbs the liquid spray, captures the particles and neutralizes the polluting gases. The cleaned air continue to flow out of the chamber while the liquid with the captured pollutants is processed for reuse using an
Hydro-Vortex  system, an implementation of Vortex’s technology for separating particles from liquid.

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